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“Moving my girls to Evolve was the best thing I ever did. My eldest was incredibly shy and anxious in big groups and in the first few months has completely come out of her shell. She is now confident and assertive when needed. The staff are attentive, gentle and supportive. It has all the perks of a big centre with the comfort and support of a small personal centre.”
Julie-Ann Moellme


“I have never known how I would feel about putting my daughter into school, I went to more then four centres before seeing Evolve Learning Centre on Facebook, rang booked an appointment to view the centre and find out more information.

I walked in and was greeted by Sharon who was beyond lovely and accommodating, And gave me a full walk through of the preschool even through the bathrooms which where spotless and very neat.

Each room was welcoming, creative and looked like so much time has been put in for the children.

I had two children that I was enrolling so I wanted to make sure that my daughter who was 3 had everything she needed and my son who was 1 felt loved and safe as he was only so little.

My daughter who is 3 her room was creative, and the staff where so reassuring to my fears of such a big step for not just my children but for myself as well, there was a high level of organisation and time management and I liked the routine.

I met 3 teachers, I was welcomed and they offered for Charlotte to join them for a story while I continued my tour through to the baby’s room, it was so kind and thoughtful.

The baby’s room was so welcoming and so happy, everything was neat and sterile and I loved the bright colours everywhere.

The bed set up was neat and practical, and the changing area was clean with no smell which I liked for hygiene reasons!

After my tour I continued my talk with staff. My children started at evolve 3 weeks later and have thrived and achieved since, Charlotte runs in every single morning excited to not only see her friends but her teaches too.

Cooper walks into his room with his arms open to hug his teachers.

Every morning myself or my husband are greeted with happy smiling teaches who make us feel so content with leaving our children in their care.

I wouldn’t trust my children anywhere else.”

Kristy McMullen


“I had looked for a preschool for weeks to send my daughter to, they all had pros and cons but I wasn’t happy with any of them. The second I walked into Evolve Early Learning Centre (the 8th centre I had looked at) it instantly felt like the environment I wanted to my daughter to be in. I couldn’t fault a thing.The staff were all so welcoming and Sharon explained the way everything worked so easily and gave much comfort to me being my first child I was putting in someone’s care I didn’t know. The entire centre was spotless but of course filled with so much creativity and it was a great first impression. I worried about the transition as my child hadn’t been looked after much but she made a special connection with her teachers and warmed right up to them. She has thrived so much since starting preschool and her development is progressing better then ever. I love picking her up at the end of the day to see what she has done and made to bring home. She has so much fun as there is so many different activities to do and the teachers put a lot of time into teaching the children. I have full trust in all the lovely staff at Evolve and we both look forward to seeing them each week.”


“Our little Layla joined Evolve’s family just over a year ago, and this by far has been the best decision for her learning and development we have made to date!!
During the time Layla had been attending my husband and I can comfortably go to work and know that she is going to be with the most loving and caring educators. Her speech is progressing in huge leaps and bounds, confidence has sky rocketed and amazing personality has blossomed (especially in the last few months of learning about emotions), this is all happening due to the guidence of these beautiful ladies.
Everyday the team take the time and effort to update us on Layla’s events of the day and what the children have been up to, taking photos and providing a free app service so we are never missing out. These moments in the evening when checking this app are usually the funniest and most enjoyable part of our day!!

Thank you so much Ladies for taking the time and effort to make your service go above and beyond any other learning centre we have attended before, you are doing a great job in helping our Layla become the most beautiful, loving little girl she could possibly be.”

The Cranston Family

“I love getting these updates during the day, makes my working day easier to get through. It’s so hard to leave your babies and this just puts a smile on my face each time. I also love the fact that Amelia, whilst only being 6 months, is included in all the activities, she looks so happy.
Thank you x.”


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